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      Esmeralda looked straight over his head.You shall drive as many as you like, he said. Ill get you a pair.

      Didnt they have any looking-glasses where she came from, I wonder! she said to herself.

      "Will you go, Mrs. Disneymay we make up the party?"A moment after the question was put, he felt full of remorse.

      She was at last in the heart of that London of which she had heard. She seemed to be in a dream.

      "It must be so lonely for you," she said gently, "with your husband so far away, and you such a child, too. I wonder your mamma doesn't come and stay with you for a bit. You must always come on our Thursdays. Now mind you do, my dear."I dont know what you mean, said Esmeralda, with her brows drawn together.


      "But you were never on board her? How odd, now. I had a notion that you must have seen that pretty cabin, and all Lostwithiel's finical arrangements. He was so proud of the Vendetta when he was here. He was always asking my girls on board. You remember, Alicia, how Lord Lostwithiel used to ask you two girls to tea?"